Who are we

We are a Spanish urban hotel chain established in 1999. We have hotels in main Spanish cities and also in Andorra, London, Berlin and Bratislava. The abba hotels are exlusive hotels, designed for our gests comfort: all our hotels boast well-appointed, fully equipped modern facilities. Quality is not an abstract concept for us. Value-for-money exists and we have found the right balance. We know how to and are going to offer unbeatable amenities at an unbeatable price.


We believe in a new style of hospitality, with specialised and outstanding catering, an inspiration that enables our guests to enjoy an exceptional stay.


We would like to turn each of your travels and stays in our hotels into a new experience:
  • A comfortable stay
  • With a unique, human touch
  • Covering all requirements and expectations


  • Personality: superior hotels designed for our guests' comfort, located in major towns and cities, with modern, functional and fully-equipped facilities.
  • Quality: we offer the right quality/price balance.
  • Excellence: we always seek excellence in the service we provide.
  • Dynamism: we are enterprising and are creating a new style of hospitality based on specialisation and personalised relations with our guests.
  • Our guest: the centre around which all of our efforts revolve, this is the reason behind what describes us best: our smile.